The objective of the project Ion quantum processor with HPC connection (IQuAn) is the construction and operation of a quantum processor unit based on trapped atomic ions. IQuAn qubits are based on high-quality laser-driven gates and have coherence times of several seconds. The approach combines individual optical addressing on smaller qubit registers with the dynamic configuration of registers by moving, swapping, and regrouping the ions. IQuAn therefore creates a scalable solution with high qubit connectivity which overcomes the limitations of existing methods and thus has full effective connectivity on various scales for a processor unit of 100 qubits.

Ion Trap

Scalable quantum processors open new possibilities for research and development. This project therefore connects high-performance computing (HPC) to the IQuAn quantum processor. The ZDV is responsible for connecting the quantum processor to the MOGON II HPC cluster using low latency interconnects, the development of interfaces between the processing entities, and the integration of the quantum processor into the HPC management infrastructure. Furthermore, the ZDV will adapt existing compilers to the new capabilities of the IQuAn processor and integrate it into programming environments.

Applications investigated inside IQuAn contain optimization processes based on the interaction of classic high-performance computers and quantum coprocessors. Important fields of application are the simulation of chemical reactions, the development of novel catalysts, and machine learning.

Project Partners

Funding Period

01/2021 - 12/2024




  • Fabian Kreppel, Christian Melzer, Diego Olvera Millán, Janis Wagner, Janine Hilder, Ulrich Poschinger, Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler, and André Brinkmann. 2023. Quantum Circuit Compiler for a Shuttling-Based Trapped-Ion Quantum Computer. Quantum 7: 1176–1176. DOI