CI3 Cluster für Individualisierte ImmunIntervention


CI3 brings together the outstanding expertise in the Rhine-Main cluster region with regard to drugs, therapeutic approaches and diagnostics in the field of individualized immune intervention and to establish the region as a global leader. Ci3’s ambitious – and achievable – goal is to provide long-term benefits for all health care stakeholders (patients, payers, health care providers and manufacturers) by supporting both the innovative products developed in the cluster as well as the relationships among the cluster’s players. Ci3’s core objective is to promote both national and international advancement of individualized immunotherapies.

Within the framework of Ci3, the project "Patient-centric, integrated biomarker research and development hub" aims at developing a patient-centric, integrated biomarker, research and development hub involving public research institutions, transfer institutions and corporate partners. The implementation strategy includes the setup and realization of a complete modular platform and standardized processes, starting with biosample asservation in clinical centers, biobanking and diversified bioanalytics, bioinformatics with integrated bioanalytical and clinical outcome data from clinical cancer registries, and taking into account legal, ethical, privacy and data security regulatory frameworks. A unique and important feature is the development of processes suitable for industrial use, allowing rapid identification and assessment of cancer mutations in clinical patient samples.


  • TRON gGmbH
  • Universitäres Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen Frankfurt (UCT)
  • AG
  • JGU Mainz - ZDV
  • Krankenhaus Nordwest
  • Medesso GmbH
  • Proteopath GmbH
  • Universitätsmedizin Mainz - IMBEI

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Prof. Dr. André Brinkmann
Dr. Tim Süß
Dr. Christian Meesters